The Minimalist ALT
was inspired by a group of Japanese elementary school teachers I was training who told me they wanted to learn activities that require 'no preparation, no materials, and are time-flexible.' Don't we all!!
The result not only changed my own teaching style, it made my life at school a LOT easier! But more importantly, the students enjoy the classes and use English in real and meaningful ways.
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February 26, 2009

Why Dice and a Kitchen Timer?!

In my classrooms we use dice for choosing students and offering a chance to get bonus points. See the post below for explanations.

The kitchen timer serves the function of a countdown clock- when the time is over, the bell rings and the activity is finished. Using this feature together with a points/reward system, the students are encouraged to think and speak more quickly. Sounds simple, but give the Hot Potato activity a go and you'll see how it works!